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McNeilus XC Extra Capacity Rear End Loader

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Take the McNeilus Heavy Duty Rear Loader, give it a bigger hopper, larger cylinders, a tailgate liner and increased compaction, and you have the XC Rear Loader. If your routes include commercial and demolition stops, don’t think about leaving your yard with anything less. It works harder, lasts longer, and is designed from the ground up to add to your bottom line every day. Stronger sweep, slide, and cylinders make it the right choice for your toughest routes. For residential to heavy commercial.

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Contact a Sales Representative: 877-661-4511

Body Details

  • XC Extra Compaction
Body Capacity
  • 25 cu yd
Hopper Size
  • 3.5 cu yd
Pack/Sweep Cycle Time
  • 20 to 25
Compaction Rating
  • 1,200 lbs yd
  • Commercial and Residential

Chassis Options

Chassis Model
  • 320 McNeilus
  • Right Hand
  • Cummins ISL 9
Horse Power
  • 350
  • Allison 4500 RDS P
Fuel Type
  • Diesel
Wheel Base
  • 188
Cab to Axle
  • 188
Wheel Type
  • Aluminum

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