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Labrie Alleygator Automated Side Loader

The Labrie Alleygator Right Hand is the ideal choice for organic collections. The Alleygator utilizes the Pendulum Packer system and a Right Hand arm. Its hopper is leak free, has no blades and no cleanout access door. The single stage packing cylinders are located outside the hopper, protected from trash and waste products. The Pendulum packing system eliminates trash “build up” behind the packing panel allowing the hopper to self-clean; safer for your operators with no need to clean behind the blade. Labrie Right-Hand arm will deliver the smoothness, the precision and the speed you expect from an automated arm. Parked cars and other obstacles will no longer be a hassle with its 12-foot reach and 1,000 pound lifting capacity.

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Contact a Sales Representative: 877-661-4511

Body Details

  • Alleygator Right Hand
Body Capacity
  • 20 - 33 cu yd
Lift Cycle Time
  • 10 to 26 seconds
Can Specs
  • 32 to 96 gallons
  • Residential

Chassis Options

Chassis Model
  • Peterbilt Model 320
  • Dual Drive RH Standup
  • Dual Drive Seated
  • Left Hand
  • Right Hand
  • Cummins ISL 9
  • Cummins ISL G
  • Cummins ISX 12
  • Cummins ISX 12 G
Horse Power
  • 350
  • Allison Automatic
  • Fuller Manual
Fuel Type
  • CNG
  • Diesel
Wheel Type
  • Aluminum
  • Steel

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